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Ask Sentai #21: Japan Hype and SNAFU, TOO, Too!

Ask Sentai #21: Japan Hype and SNAFU, TOO, Too!

10/15/2015 10:56:38 PM

Welcome to Ask Sentai #21! Let's get into it, shall we?
As always, if you have a question for us, make your way to our page and let us know!

Will Shirobako get a bluray release?

Yes, eventually SHIROBAKO will be released on Blu-ray. Right now we don't have it scheduled for release, but I'm thinking that it will be showing up soon! Stay tuned!

Can you share anything on My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU season 2?

The SNAFU fans in the office absolutely loved the new season. You literally couldn't get them to shut up about it. :) SNAFU TOO was definitely a big success for us, and our staff's sentiment seems to be in line with the general feeling about the new season for the fans, which is great!
As far as a release date, it's a little too early to tell, although the time to talk about it is coming up sooner rather than later. When we know for sure what's happening with it, we'll be sure to let you all know!

So many new dubs! Black Bullet! Brynhildr! And I loved those! Will there be more action dubs coming?

We're glad you're enjoying our stuff! As far as action shows coming down the pipeline, I believe we have RE: Hamatora slated for a January 2016 release. I see a few more coming out after that, but nothing has a concrete date yet. Nevertheless, more is on the way!

Do you guys get excited when a currently airing series you license does well in Japan?

We get more excited about how a show does here in the States, actually! When we see how much love something is getting on social and the rest of the web, it's a big indicator of what kind of show we have on our hands. For example, all of you out there asking for a Nozaki-kun box set lately has let us know, "Hey, there's a big demand for this", so we are always watching for reactions from you guys.
Although, the popularity of a show in Japan also has a lot to do with whether or not it gets a second season, so we are always rooting for some hometown popularity as well!

Is there a set date for when Akame ga Kill will be released on dvd/bluray? 

This is a question that people have been asking since it started airing on Toonami, and it seems that it's not going to stop haha.
As of the time of this writing I believe there is, but it has not been announced yet! So watch out on our social media channels for an official announcement.

How can i transform into a cute little grill?

Like so:

how can i transform into a cute little grill?

Is there a good likelihood that more older shows that have sold well for you guys may get CE's in due time?

A lot of things figure into whether or not a box set gets made, even with shows that have never been released. One of the big ones is demand. As you know we are forever looking through forums, tweets, FB posts and the like to figure out what kind of demand there is for our titles. If there's enough demand for a show to get a CE we will definitely give it a long look, weigh out the possibilities and see whether or not it is possible at that time. Good question, thanks!

All of your recent dubs have been outstanding. So, is there any plans on Food Wars getting a dub!!?? Please let it be true!!!

Thanks, we're glad you guys are into them!
Food Wars was a big surprise. We had a strong feeling that it was going to be something really cool, but the level at which the show took off with you guys was amazing. That always bodes well for a title when it comes down to deciding whether or not to dub it, so it's already got one feather in its cap. :)

That Chaika trailer is SO COOL. Will we be able to hear something with the voices in it soon? Or maybe a cast announcement?

Chaika trailer in question:
Yes, cast announcements for Chaika the Coffin Princess are on the way! We've already got an idea of what we want to do with them, so it's just a matter of scheduling them out on our end. So, long story short:

I'm sick and the only cure is the second season of Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions on BluRay. Can you help a guy out?

There have been discussions here and there about Chunibyo Heart Throb in the office, just like every other show, but nothing has been set into motion juuuust yet. We'll let you know as soon as something starts happening!

So you guys got The Perfect Insider and Beautiful Bones? Ready to solve some mysteries?

These two are the shows I'm personally most excited about, because I love a good mystery. So far they have not disappointed, and we are eager to see what roads the shows take. What do you all think of them so far?

What are some good ways of letting Sentai know that people want a certain LE of a title, or even if they want a certain title licensed?

Social! We're always on, we're always listening, so make sure to let us know what you're thinking.

A question for the office! Who's everyone's favorite Gatchaman Crowds character?

Rui Rui, no contest:

A question for the office! Who's everyone's favorite Gatchaman Crowds character?
That's it for this weekend! Next time we'll talk about the highs and lows of the dragon scale market. See ya!