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Ask Sentai #36

Ask Sentai #36

12/1/2016 9:28:04 PM

It’s the last #AskSentai of 2016, so let’s make it hefty. This month, let’s talk about Tanaka-kun dubs, Is it Wrong… OVAs, jobs at Sentai, home video releases, and the magical powers of Monica Rial.

All I really want in life is for Tanaka-kun is Always Listless to get a dub. That's not too much to ask for is it?

Not too much to ask for. Ask more. Get everyone to ask more. BRING IT.

Also I have another question for you, which titles ended up being pleasant surprises in terms of popularity this year? I totally wasn't expecting Flying Witch to be my favorite anime of the year and Tanaka-kun is always listless to be my second favorite. They're both also really popular, so yay!^.^

Flying Witch was DEFINITELY a surprise this year. Also surprising was Flip Flappers! We thought it was going to be a normal magical girl show, and then BAM! SO MANY THINGS! EVERY EPISODE DIFFERENT THEME. This screenshot below for example looks like NOTHING from any other magical show we've seen, and it's been an amazing ride so far. You should check out the series when you get a chance.

Dear Sentai Ninjas, For the upcoming release of Chihayafuru on BD, please make a collector's edition with actual karuta cards. I'll pay good money for it.

Ooh! Thank you for the suggestion! It's certainly on the table for consideration.

Do you have any idea how Monica Rial has the time to do all the work she does? She is consistently doing a lot of work for both you and Funimation. It's genuinely impressive.

Personally convinced that she is a magical being.

I’m new to this, but what does it mean when a home video is about to release. Does it mean that the dub is coming out?

Good question! It quite literally means the home video DVD or Blu-Ray release to retail. A dub COULD be included in a release, but not all of Sentai's home video releases come with a dub.

Anime at the Alamo in Houston has been getting cancelled a lot lately. Should we be worried about the future of the event?

It's mostly due to conflicting schedules with the theater venue itself. They have franchise-wide showings they have to deal with, so at this point, no worries.

You guys should get Re Zero, Haikyu, snafu, & pet girl dub? Beyond the boundary sequel movie?? ~Love you guys :)

Re:Zero isn't out title, silly. Thank you for the other suggestions though!

Are you going to show the English dub cast of Amagi Brilliant Park any time soon? :3

Why yes! We will reveal it on.... [gets interrupted by rampaging park residents] ...sooooooon.

Hello Sentai! I'm a huge fan of your releases and I was hoping you could dub School Live, Tanaka-kun is always listless, Flying Witch, Haikyuu, Haven't you heard, I'm Sakamoto and Flip Flappers. If any of these would get premium editions I would be ecstatic! I really hope you'll reply :).

This request has been noticed. So noticed.

Is the Chunibyo: Heart Throb Blu-ray Collector's box going to be available through I keep checking to pre-order, but can't find it.

Good question, but no idea. You will probably get a better deal through the Sentai Shop. We also, at times, offer eNews exclusive discounts to our email subscribers.  


Any chance you guys will open your store for Canadian buyers? Like via or crunchyroll? Would like some NGNL, Food Wars merchandise.

There is a chance! There are lot of logistics involved, but we'd love to help our Canadian fans be part of the party too.

It's been 26 days since you answered my question about the My Love Story Collectors Edition. Any update on when this will be available? The regular version has been in stock for awhile, and it's killing me to not hit the order button.

Nopes. There's a lot of a planning that goes into a premium box set, so though we have publicly announced that we have one in the works, we can't announce the release date yet.

how is it to work at sentai? What is the main job there? can i come work there?

It's a company just like any other... except that we deliver anime to our customers instead of apples, or pens, or pen-pineapple-apple-pens. We have the Production department, Art department, Marketing department, Administrative department, QC department, ADR department... many the department. You can find all available job listings for our Houston headquarters on Linkedin.

Sentai’s Asking You!

Some of you may have already noticed that we’re currently asking for your feedback on some important, life-altering questions regarding home video releases. If you take the time to give us your two cents, we’ll give you $5.00.. off your purchase of $25 or more at the Sentai shop. Take our short survey about your home video preferences to get your $5.00 code.

Until then, we’ll see you for #AskSentai next year!