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Fill Your Own Sentai Stocking! Sweepstakes

Fill Your Own Sentai Stocking! Sweepstakes

12/8/2016 2:26:36 PM

Get exactly what you want from Sentai Claus with our #SentaiStocking sweepstakes! This year, you’ll get to choose a prize tailored just for you by picking your own:

  • DVD or Blu-Ray
  • Sentai T-Shirt
  • Sentai Convention Bag

The winner of this sweepstakes will get to create their very own prize package, delivered in a giant stocking. Even better, we now have TWO ways for you to enter the contest!

Method #1: Automatically Enter with Your Purchase from the Sentai Shop

Make a purchase between December 8, 2016 through December 16, 2016 at the Sentai shop, and your email will be automatically entered to win the Sentai Stocking.

Method #2: Submit an Entry with the Form Below

Enter to win for free with the sweepstakes form below. #SoSimple